Unit 2D

Public Showing of the Work

Once completed, I promoted this project using Instagram and Twitter on Thursday 3rd December. As the video is longer than 1 minute I put it up as an IGTV video, with a snippet of it on my feed. I also sent it to an email group I’m a part of ‘The Guestlist’ and shared it with the Sour Lemons network on Whatsapp, allowing people to watch this whenever as opposed to having an event where people viewed this.

As I was responsible for the promotion of my project, I chose times that work best for me. I know that engagement on my Instagram (which is my main channel) is best around evening time, 6/7pm, I put this post up at 6pm on a Thursday.

Up to this point here are just a few of the leadership skills I developed through doing this project.

  • Creative thinking – coming up with my idea and concept
  • Planning and Organisation – deciding on timings and how I make everything happen
  • Listening skills – hearing the feedback I received and acting upon it
  • Trial and error – filming and editing process

My piece was well received on Instagram, with 582 views in total and 40 plus comments which was amazing to see. Aside from the attention it received, I was relieved and proud of myself for working from the beginning till the end to see this project come to life. Part of my leadership journey involves confidently sharing my work, self-promotion and not being shy to share my skills so I plan to continue sharing my poem with small platforms e.g. magazines who may feature my work. It also involves taking on feedback and continually improving. Some feedback I received involved having captions to increase accessibility and having more visual cues (props) in my piece.

Here are a few more pieces of feedback I received:

Feedback 1
Feedback 2