Unit 2C

Organising my resources

In order to deliver this project, I spent a day filming. Below are some images from the day I filmed. My setup was me sitting on a stool behind a plain white backdrop, both of these I had ordered for this. With the backdrop, a friend of mine who is a photographer suggested the kind that I should get.

Looking back at the production plan from part B, after filming was done I was able to tick off more of my actions in the plan and the main job I had left was to edit. As mentioned I worked independently on the project in order to stay in line with the current (at the time) lockdown rules so it was down to me to manage timelines, when I would be doing everything and make sure that the project was completed to the best possible standard.

One of the challenges I had was that my backdrop stand didn’t actually come with the backdrop as I expected it to so I had to use my initiative as a leader and think about how I could improvise, attaching the paper backdrop using tape to a large standing table. Being able to film despite this setback was a testament to me aiming to develop as a leader by making decisions.

Another stage of this project that was challenging was editing, I displayed my leadership skills through trying new effects and not being afraid to fail. I did research on things I wasn’t sure about and effects I wanted to use but wasn’t sure how to achieve.

As there are others who have greater expertise than me, once I had edited my first draft I sent it to a few people who provided feedback for me. Here is one piece of feedback I received.