Unit 2A

Leadership of an Arts Project

This project will be a ⅔ minute spoken word video. The aim of this project is to share a message that we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be overcome by the tragic events that have happened in the world this year such as COVID-19 and lockdown, the murder of George Floyd, police brutality in Nigeria, conflict in Congo and so much more. This is not to mention our own internal problems and issues. This poem is a reminder that a hard season doesn’t mean it’s the end. Change does and can happen.

For this project, the first thing I had to do was write the poem I wanted to record and film. This obviously required me to exercise my writing skills. In particular I’ve been focused on being quite visual in my poems and making use of imagery to give readers/listeners a clearer picture of what I mean. This was advice I was actually given from my mentor so I used this poem as an opportunity to use this feedback.

An example is a line in the poem in which I say

‘Africa is bleeding, we’re bandaging hope’

Rather than simply saying that we are trying to have hope I decided to express that hope is the bandage we’re using to cover up our bleeding wounds therefore conveying a much stronger message.

After completing the poem, the next thing I had to do was think about how I wanted the video to look and what I would need to film, then order the necessary equipment. This required research, I reached out to people to ask for recommendations. I ordered a backdrop, a stool and a tripod (with a ring light). I also ordered lenses which I decided not to use as after setting up I decided I didn’t need them. The next job was editing my piece. Editing is something that I’ve been learning and working over the last few months, as mentioned in my unit 1, so this was a good challenge for me.

The main leadership skill I wanted to develop is project management and I can say I’ve been able to exercise that new skill. Lockdown has meant that I’ve mainly worked alone on this project, so I haven’t really had to experience working in a team. However, there is a lot I have to do and leadership skills I developed along the way. I single-handedly came up with the idea and wrote the poem, which I sent to one of my friends to review. Idea generation for the video, self-filming and editing.

In terms of monitoring progress and collecting feedback, I plan to put the final video on Instagram and Twitter as well as sending to a few people with my network whom I will ask feedback from. I plan to have a conversation with a mentor of mine whom has been helping me with my poetry practise discussing progress from earlier pieces of writing to this one.