[Lizzie Reid]

Unit 2C

Delivery of the project

* evidence of the delivery of the project e.g. diary log, recordings, annotated photographs, printed materials details of meetings and discussions

* reflections on where and how they are developing and applying their leadership skills, including inspiring and motivating participants, communicating and dealing with resources and challenges

* promotion of the project

* how they will deliver the project

* how they will evaluate their leadership development

* their plans for a public showing of the project

* consideration of health and safety issues

* consideration of any relevant legislation

* risk assessment

State the change of outcome to show ‘appropiate ways of showing and sharing work publically’

Driving a project with a focus on the impact and accessibility.

Having ideas involving physical at-home-experiences and installation was impractical and exclusive to those with the space. Doing a recommendation sheet of ‘how to go camping alone’ is dangerous as I’m not an expert (but would like to create this in collaboration with some who are for H&S reasons), and is exclusive to those with the skills, time and resources.

Upload risk assessment of online final outcome

Upload evaluation of my leadership development

The few people involved in my project were:

  • Joseph Bond, my industry mentor who was my ideas sound board and idea expander
  • Ella Barnard who supported me in the logistics of finding a camp site and ensuring I had the equipment I need.
  • Michael Robertson was my camping consultant who told me everything I need to know about camping in the winter from equipment advice, to tips of what food to bring.