Unit 1A

My New Practice

I originally had hoped to do event curation as my new skill, and created this skills development plan for it. However, due to the COVID crisis, all physical events were cancelled. This meant that both events I had hoped to attend and review, and events I was planning on curating myself were no longer going ahead, and thus I had to rethink what was possible in the current climate.

As a result, I changed my skill I would like to develop to digital content creation.

The first attempt at digital content creation I had was as part of the Sour Lemons “Thrive-al Guide” in response to the COVID lockdown.

My second attempt at digital content creation was done in collaboration with Shubbak Festival as part of the Bayti Baytek digital commission.

My third experience with digital content creation was for my theatre company Process Theatre. I undertook the digital campaigns for two projects. 

Experienced Practitioners

I met and worked with two experienced practitioners in this field.