Unit 2.D

The Public Showing of my project

The project will be in the ‘When Life gives you lemons 2020’ Sour Lemons publication and shared on my Instagram. I plan to email all participants their pictures and ask them to post it w/c 30th November. In the email you can see me implementing clear communication when giving the clear requirements and instructions to participants of the project of how to post on social media.

Presenting Black Womxn @ Rest [BW@R]

Pictures from the project [photographed by Christy Ku]

Tobi/Bashiie/Chloe/Eliza – Models Photographed

Sharing on Instagram [myself]

Caption for the post:

Black Women @ Rest [BW@R]
As part of my @sourlemonsuk commission I created a project called BW@R. 😴
I am a huge fan of @thenapministry and I have learnt so much for them. I am a big advocate for rest as resistance and I am very anti-capitalist so I created this! A collection of photographs and words [the words will be in the Sour Lemons publication live on 11th December and in my zine I am designing for Jan 2021]

Black Women @ Rest is about advocating for rest in a capitalist world where we are our told productivity is linked to our value. It’s about advocating for rest in a world that continues to brutalise black women bodies. Black women deserve balanced imagery. We aren’t superhuman, created to ‘save’ everyone else. I want to change the ‘sleeping aesthetic’ and normalise imagery of Black women at rest and calm. In the future I want to scale this project to feature lots of different black women including those that are hypervisible advocates, who need to be seen at peace.

For Black women reading, take these pictures as a soothing balm to wounds caused by white supremacist culture and as a reminder that you are deserving of rest and care. Go and have a nap.

My wonderful models and participants, thank you for taking part, you were phenomenal and inspiring. [Tagged]

@kuka.studios thank you for being a wonderful photographer, you captured my vision beautifully.

@thejoedelaney thank you for being an amazing support system and carrier of heavy things on the day.

Excited to share this with you and how it will look in coming publications. Comment down below what you are doing to rest and relax today!
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