Unit 2.C

Organize people and resources required to run the project

These are pictures of me liaising with the photographer Christy Ku and giving relevant creative direction at different points in the shoot. Here I was developing delegation by giving her the task of shooting the models in a way I know I couldn’t and clear communication on the vision I wanted to capture in the picture. I was also there to make sure models felt comfortable.

Further evidence of me delivering the project. Please click the button below to view the model brief, email exchanges with models and email exchanges with publications.

Reflections on leadership and challenges during the project:

A couple of days before the shoot was set to take place, one of the participants dropped out. I was surprised and distraught because I had a plan in place with everything set to go smoothly and this felt like a fork in the road. However, part of this leadership journey is developing creative problem solving and I chose to implement that in this situation. I decided that to ensure I get the 5 different models I would fill in for the participants who dropped out. This situation ended up giving each model a bit more time to get their photos taken and I learned a valuable lesson from it. The lesson I learnt is that even if plans change, thinking about practical solutions that can be implemented and the positive outcome that can come from an alternative plan can help situations have a positive outcome, even if it seemed like the outcome was set to be negative.

How to inspire, motivate and work effectively with participants 

On the day of the shoot as well as creative direction and project management my key objective was to make participants feel comfortable, briefed and ready to ensure the best pictures could be captured. I did this by being a present and familiar face for all participants, giving them lots of compliments throughout the shoot and sending a big thank you message afterwards to show how grateful I was for them taking part. I can see from my survey that everyone had a good time and I hear from participants anecdotally that they enjoyed taking part.