Unit 1.C

The Practitioner I chose to research is called Gillian Greer and she works at Soho Theatre

Creative Experience Review

The High Table (Theatre)
Rating: 9/10

Overall Thoughts 

Loved it! One of my best plays I have ever seen. I have never seen a story like it. The live drumming, the storytelling and the acting was amazing. Getting to see the rehearsal was just the icing on the cake for me! Very gripping, I fell in love with the characters, the use of costume, space and set was magical. The Bush was the perfect place to host a play like that. 


Most actors played dual roles and they did them extremely well. Each character felt different, distinctive and unique. All characters felt authentic and real. I recognised character tropes from people that I have met or have in my real life.  

Favourite bits  

The wedding at the end, the ancestors and the drumming transition. The non-linear storyline also kept me on my toes. 

Least favourite bits

None! The only small minor aspect would be that sometimes the accents weren’t that great. 

What did I learn?

There should be more LGBTQ+ narratives and stories for Nigerian people. Resourcefulness and dual-acting can add artistically to a play. It showed me a play is never really finished fully and done, its a living breathing document that is changed and improved with trail and error. 

How did it impact my practice 

Attending the rehearsal was eye-opening as to what dramaturgy is and can be. When watching plays, I will ask myself the questions Daniel was asking the cast. I will also try and write up my thoughts on the plays straight after on how things can be improved. I will also read more plays and think about how they could be workshopped and developed. 

How did it make me feel?

It made me feel seen, inspired and vulnerable. I was really in love with the whole production. It is quite hard to describe how I felt/feel. As a queer black Nigerian woman it really gave me a lot to think about and fuelled me to want to research pre-colonial Nigeria in a more anthropologically lens.