[Christy Ku]

Unit 2.D

Details of how the project will be shown/shared publicly 

The video and track will be hosted on my YouTube channel and on my IGTV. Myself, Nush and Carolyn will post a teaser image on Tuesday 12 December at 6pm (UK time) on our social media channels (Instagram main grid, Instagram stories, our Facebook pages and Twitter). 

Then on Thurs 14 December at 6pm (UK time), the video on YouTube and IGTV will go live. We will share the video and links on our social media networks. I will also share the work with my personal networks, relevant Facebook groups and email newsletters. The team will be embedding the video with links and full credits on our respective websites for portfolio purposes. 

I will post the track audio on my Soundcloud, and Nush is helping me coordinate release on audio platforms, and we will aim to release the track across those channels to synchronise with the main video release. 

We will be using Distrokid, a platform that helps musicians put their tracks into online stores and streaming services. Nush will be posting both the full track with music and vocals, and an instrumental version. Distrokid also allows any money earned to be equally split between myself and Nush automatically.

These are the platforms the track will be released on: Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Instagram/Facebook, TikTok/Resso, Google Play/YouTube, Amazon, Soundtrack by Twitch, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, Saavn, Anghami, KKBox, NetEast (beta), MediaNet).

My responsibilities in relation to the public showing/sharing 

I will be leading in planning the promotion, coordinating dates and times, and ensuring everyone has the right materials and links to share. I will liaise with Nush to create a distribution plan on music platforms. 

I’ll be encouraging the audience to share the work with their own networks as word of mouth is an effective way of gaining views and engagement. As mentioned previously, I will be sharing the work with relevant Facebook groups and email newsletters. I’ll also be gathering and responding to feedback.

I will create a “press package” with all the information, links and suggested copy to make it easier for the team to share on their socials.

Details of how they have organised people and resources 

I have made a plan with dates and times, and let the team know, and gathered all the material needed. I also have a checklist of all the places I want to post in. As this project was made by an all East and South East Asian female team, and is aimed for millennials who are working class and often renting, the places I’ll be sharing the work in should target my main audience directly. 

Delivery of the public showing/sharing 

The video was posted on my YouTube channel on Thurs 10 December, 6pm

It was also posted on my Instagram via IGTV, where a small preview was also shared to my main grid.

I shared it on my Twitter account, and posted in several relevant Facebook groups.

I also shared the post via my personal networks via group chats on WhatsApp.

The audio version of the track is available on all major streaming platforms via this link here.

Ongoing reflection on where and how I am developing and applying my chosen leadership skills while managing the event 

I am continuing to be organised, coordinating with my team and figuring out each step that needs to take place. I then collate all my research and ideas into clear action points with dates and times. 

I’m ensuring I’m communicating clearly with my team. Also, I will ensure all the copy in the post description and the text that accompanies the link when sharing is effective and clearly communicates the project to the audience. 

With problem solving, I’m identifying issues and resolving them, taking on questions from my team and finding answers from them. For example, they wanted to know if they’re able to embed the work on their websites (which is fine). Also, whilst I don’t have previous experience of music distribution and have limited resources as I am not a musician, I have had discussions with Nush who is helping me with that side. 

Feedback from participants and audience members

Please find feedback from my collaborators here.

Please find feedback about the project here.