[Christy Ku]

Unit 2.C

Please find evidence of the delivery of project here.

Final project is below:


I did my best to make sure the project stayed organised, from being clear about the workflow, when certain deliverables could be expected and what was needed from who. I kept communication open, primarily through WhatsApp and Zoom calls, regularly checking in with the team. This helped me keep track of where everyone was at during their work and allowed us to resolve any questions very quickly.

Inspiring and motivating others was a major part of my leadership focus on this project. When giving feedback, I made sure to acknowledge the hard work they were putting in. I gave clear and detailed feedback without hesitation whilst being considerate. If the team had issues, they felt comfortable sharing them with me and we would solve together.

I was careful with coordinating everyone, ensuring everyone was up to date with latest stage of project. I also regularly checked in with the team to see how they were doing, considering that people have a life outside of the project.

When we faced or saw any problems, we flagged them straight away and offered solutions rather than hoping the issues would clear up themselves. For example, there was a slight miscommunication with the storyboard but we very quickly resolved it with a call.

I was clear on my vision for the project and the others understood it fully. I trusted their abilities and talent to deliver, whilst ensuring work delivered matched the vision and gently pushing for the best version achievable within the limitations. The team were excellent to work with and we’re very proud of the final product!

Gathering Feedback:

I will be collecting feedback via comments and other engagement data from social media. I will collect feedback from my collaborators via a feedback form.