[Christy Ku]

Unit 2.A

Reflection on the qualities needed to be a good leader in the arts.  

Over the course of the Making Lemonade programme, I’ve found a number of qualities are essential to be a good leader in the arts. Organisation is key to managing your own time, others and projects as a whole. Being able to oversee and keep track of progress, and pre-empting obstacles provides a great foundation for everything to run as smoothly as possible, even if things change. Having kindness and empathy are also important – as we’re creating art, we are often working with topics that are close to the heart. As a result, creating a safe space where people feel supported is crucial in order to build trust and develop work. 

It’s also essential to have vision in order to motivate and inspire. Whilst it’s important to be realistic, being able to think bigger and believe in people’s abilities gives your team a sense of strength and self-belief. 

A description of the project, its aims and desired outcomes. 

Please find a link to my commissions pitch here.

A description of my role and the leadership skills I want to develop.                               

My project requires me to be the head of the whole project. Roles include:

  • Creative director
  • Project coordinator
  • Budget manager
  • Team manager
  • Marketing
  • Logistics manager
  • Spoken word artist

I’ve never worked on a spoken word track or have led a creative team in this manner before. However, I want to be able to gain these skills whilst developing this team project:

  • Sourcing and contacting talent
  • Managing budget
  • Working collaboratively with musicians and visual artists
  • Coordinating and managing others to keep to deadlines and budget
  • Stronger communication skills and fostering good team dynamics

How my role relates to the roles of others (if any).

I will be working with Nush and Carolyn Cheng, who will be the musician and animator on this project respectively. My role is to give creative direction, ensure the brief is clear and provide feedback. I also have to make sure their deposits and payments are delivered to them in a timely manner. My job is to also help them as they develop their parts and help all our efforts come together.

Plans for monitoring progress and collecting feedback.

Please find a link to my project plan here.

As I’ll be posting the project online I can gather comments and responses, especially on Soundcloud where people can react at different points on the track. I’ll also collect engagement and views across social media.