The Artistic Inquisition

The Artistic Inquistion is a three part podcast play that is a direct response to ‘Rethink, Reskill, Reboot.’ Playing on the mythology and religious entities within African and Carribean cultures, Abolition Nation will explore the world after artists retrain leaving art and culture to become a commodity only for the rich. This production will include, poetic form, music, sound effects, and the use of a narrator. There may be strong language included.

This work will directly question the role of artists and working class people in this economy, looking at how capitalism is a tool used for oppression, how Museums are a place for art to die, and how the disregard for expression could lead a world to ruin. 

The question I am asking: Who is this world for and how do we make it ours?

For this bid I need £500 to create the first episode, this will be forty minutes long, and will include four to five actors. This will cover the cost payment for the Sound Designer, Writer and actors, marketing, purchasing of materials for recording and promotion and the overall designing and editing of the podcast. I will then platform this on Spotify, Instagram, Apple Podcasts and transcribe it for the curation of this piece.

I will rate the impact based on the interaction with the posts, and do an online poll to see if the target audience of Black and Brown people enjoyed it, and if it raises conversation on the subject of the arts and culture industries. I will get feedback from the artists on their experience and their thought processes before and after delivery.

The future of this project depends on the reception it gets from its initial release. I aim to create three seasons, each three parts, and each looking at a different aspect of the story line. My dream would be for this to become an animated, adult production.

I chose this particular subject in relation to my work with Black and Brown culture, artists and creations. It is a serious issue that I have to type the world ‘Black’ into a search engine in order to find work made by people who look like me. If we are to change the algorithm, or live in an egalitarian world, then there shouldn’t be a favoured group of people or topic. The information should be there in plain sight and not hidden behind scholarly works. The erasure of Black and Brown culture is at an end, and I am joining the call to action. This piece will be political, funny, entertaining and fantastical, my hope is for it to be far from reality but still way too familiar.

Cross Contamination of EquipmentSharing recording device, scripts, cameraNil Zoom call with artists for remote recording devices or Phone Apps
Sickness/Personal issuesAn actor being ill/ contracting Covid-19

An actor cannot make it due to personal issues
MediumArtists will be on a Zoom call for reaction timing.
If an actor cannot participate, another actor will multirole their part. If more than one actor cannot do it, another actor shall join the call or the production will be postponed to a later date
Technical faultsZoom not working, editing software not working, podcasting software, not working/ inability to record

Laptop not working

Phones/devices not charged
MediumEach artist will be given a backup link, we will also have backup software available so we are always able to record

If the laptop is not working we will use the ipad or locate a backup laptop

We will ensure all devices are connected to their chargers or have their charges nearby
Loss of workFile not found or deleted

File won’t upload
MinorWe will record three times, each time we will back the recording up onto a memory disk and online cloud.
Fluffed recordingThe recording is inaudible, the recording is cut short or it doesn’t recordHighWe will record each performance three times and listen back over them. We will then upload them and listen to the upload
External factorsLoud noise
Possible disaster
Medium/MinorThere will be a semi-controlled room for each actor to record in. This will allow for any background sound to be controlled and filtered so that the editor can erase.
TIMELINE – Artistic Inquisition