UNIT 1B – Development Opportunities

Campaigning – as a creative activist

Fundraising -through investors, funding streams or friends

Designing – logo’s briefs and colour schemes

Cultural Trauma Care – through training

Research – asking non-bias ethical questions

Co-production – working with to create for

Business management/building -how build a business structure.

Peer Power UK – is a social action charity that co-produces training with young people to deliver to local authorities and organisations – i was offered a job as a campaigner

Funding applications – peer power also offered a training session with a funder.

Advocacy academy – offered a training session on how to communicate your campaign and who to and how to dig deeper into your why.

As part of Sour Lemons understanding leadership branch, Sade broke down and explained how a business is made and formed. This included a detailed description of what to think about and what to breakdown for yourself and others. She explained the roles of a cultural organisation from the top down and that in order for a structure to work every part of the structure needs to aid the main goal. She explained that many business’ do not pursue their mission-statement because they are no longer what they started as. And if this is the case then they need to change their statement or their plan

I am currently a part of the blagrave opportunity fund fellowship. Part of this is about looking at how campaigns are formed and why. We regularly do training on different aspects of campaigning and meet  successful campaigners. So far I have done elevator pitch training; which required me to do in depth research into different statistics, watch Simon Sinek’s “the why” presentation around 16 times and made around 7 versions of the elevator pitch. I also have done communication training; which focuses on finding and communicating to different target audiences, e.g. your funders, community and participants. We will begin social media training at the end of July 

I have begun research training with Cleariew Research. This training is about the ethical and crucial conduct that comes into doing peer research. As part of this we are understanding how to breakdown results in order to find your answers. E.g. finding out the no.1 rated football team in England cannot be done through an open call. Because depending on your pool of information your results will be biased. You should in fact ask a specific and controlled set or group of people from different regions to equal out your results

I also facilitated a sour lemons round table discussion. This process included us holding up the mirror to organisations and showing them their own power and bias. In order for this to happen we had to look at our own bias and our own power and create a workshop that would educate not incriminate. We were split into teams and built activities around battling bias and making the effort to make change, and delivered this session asking for pledges. We received positive feedback

So far I have been firing without a target. These activities allowed me to hone in on who I was campaigning for and how I would get results.

Sade’s strategy lesson helped me understand how framework is built and how to organise an idea and make it plausible. It allowed me to build a framework for care to culture and helped me recognise how to execute the mission.

Clearview are helping me to understand how to frame my research so that it reflect the reality of the data and not just my own goals

The fellowship with blagrave has allowed me the resources and the time to create a project that benefits my community and build on broken structures.

And sour lemons has allowed me to breakdown my own bias and listen to the power I have, so that I use that power and confidence to peacefully and generously make change instead of complaining about change not being made.

The career options in campaigning are endless.  In order for you to begin and create a campaign or business you have to start with your why, otherwise you get lost in the possibilities.

Sour Lemons are offering fellowships and facilitation roles for their new consultancy branch. This is exactly the work I am looking to do and this opportunity would allow me to get the training I need in a successful and new organisation.

Blagrave have opened a new Challenge and Change fund. And with my newly focused campaign I can now begin to apply for funding from organisations. This will allow me to further develop my campaign.

Peer Power are offering trauma responsive training that will better allow me to understand the plethora of people I may be working with.

Lizzie Reid on my logo design

These training sessions and placement has aligned my creative and political goals. I have moved away from performing as an individual who feels like she isn’t heard, to platforming individuals who should be. I am more inclined to use my leadership as a means to make small change in the biggest way possible. I have learnt that the individual is most powerful when they use their experiences to uplift, and in order to make change you have to have a sharp pointed idea that can cut through doubts and nay-sayers.

A lot of these experiences were eye opening and have allowed me space and connections to networks that were always there if I’d looked. If I’m honest, I have been led towards campaigning and for a long time I was doing it without realising, and now I have focus.

Care to Culture Logo – Designed by Lizzie Lines