I aim to use my knowledge as a producer to come up with a campaign. This campaign will give looked after children the opportunity to see art as an employment opportunity as well as a healing structure.


Looking for:

Data and statistics on LAC

Information on other types of arts based LAC programmes

Possible working structures.

I have found one project that would work specifically with LAC and CL’s introducing them to art called

Element Creatives – I have reached out for a meeting, WEEK BEGINNING – 23RD OF MARCH

I have found one other project that works with young people with ACE and produces work with them that is then sold on platforms such as Amazon and iTunes called Remove the Blindfold Collective – created as a subsidiary company from 

Bridge the Gap Studios– Meeting 10th March.

Met with the head of Engagement for LAC in Hammersmith and Fulham – this was a negative meeting


Both projects made by individuals who saw an issue in the community

RTB – co-produce work with their young people and apply for funding from their local authority.

ELEMENT CREATIVES- offer small projects to LA’s asking for funding for materials and then apply to ACE for Salary

Each project has connections with LA’s and artists. Each project has an incentive that benefits the young people past their project

Currently my connections with local Authority still views me as a young person. This connection hindering further progress. – I need to change tactics and create a new plan of action

SIDE NOTE: I met with the Bush Theatre and began partnership on them with a community project called ON A LEVEL – This was postponed due to covid-19. – this partnership will connect me to a building i can use for space and resource

Remove the Blindfold/BTG Studios

I met with this youth group on the 10th of March. The consists mostly of Black and Brown Young people and LAC and Youth offenders. They meet to create and produce art that educates/ends stigmas around youth trauma/ mental health. They meet once a week, apply for money through their Local Authority and produce art, music and performances for public consumption. I will be going to their Exhibition on the 28th of March 2020

We met on the 26th of May Via Zoom. I found out similarly to RTB that they create and produce art, but focuses on Care Leavers, Looked After Children and young asylum seekers. Their work focuses on introducing the arts to these young people, raising their aspirations and sharing the work they produce. They go to Local Authorities with a work offer and the LA’s will pay for the product of and breakdown costs of the project.

EDIT: I now freelance for Element working with young people on their projects, this is helping me to gain experience working with young people with Adverse Life Experiences.

When beginning the research planning for care to culture I spoke to:
A participation officer named Sai – Who told me that currently the LAC’s he’s working with won’t have the confidence to perform and the other LAC’s won’t turn up to take part in any activities. He also didn’t want me offering ‘empty promises’ He thought what I was doing was interesting and wanted a ‘CV’ so he could look over it. He explained that young people are busy and many won’t be able to show up and so I should probably facilitate one class with a group of young people interested in Poetry. -However following this up he said he’s not sure when. What I did learn from paying attention was that Hammersmith and Fulham run their sessions like this:

  • 10-15 YP’s at a time
  • Usually with an Incentive of clothes vouchers or public showings
  • Projects are arranged around school holidays
  • Most projects are simplified for the Bilingual young people

This gentleman has a specific way of working with the young people. He seemed to view them as very fragile and was very over-protective of his work as he usually creates participation activities.
I will strengthen my plan and go over his head.

Associate Director Daniel Bailey. I spoke with Daniel on the possibility of using the Bush Theatre as a main space of operation. I interviewed him afterwards on his time as a youth worker and Director and how he viewed his own trauma. From this I began conversations with him on producing and event that would entice more Black and Brown young people in theatre and arts, offering free tickets. He also told me to look at the semantics of how I will work with each group:
Young people, Theatres, Funders, Audiences. And how I will manage them all together

And a risk assessment Pre-Covid that details strengths and weaknesses of my project and looks at the benefits for the young people
Images pictured above, different versions of care to cultures business plan looking at delivery of projects, accessibility needs for bilingual and refugee LAC  and what the young people gain from something I create.

Bush Theatre

Asked commissioned me to produce a community event, offering out over 70 free tickets to youth organisations and young people I bring in to be a part of the event. Paying myself and two artists. I would my new campaigning skills to make sure that there was more theatre open for young people in the Shepherds Bush Area as a test run for Care to Cultures potential structure. Postponed due to COVID-19

Henrietta Imoreh

A Care Leaver and producer known for her activism work with LAC and her arts company Redefine. We had a meeting where she asked me to assist her in running it, She also connected me to Hounslow Councils Participation Officer

Planning Changes

Due to Covid-19 I had to rethink what I want Care to Culture to be and how it will benefit these young people in the long term. What I could do now and what I will do with funding.

an interview with Henrietta Imoreh an activist and creator who works with looked after children.
The promotion of an event I would have done with the bush theatre as a producer to gain a rapport with the building

This topic helped me learn how to transfer my production into campaign work. After carefully taking a look at my idea and business plan, i began to think about what exactly this will change for Looked After Children. I then scrapped the whole plan and started again.

I realised im fantastic at identifying the missing piece, but I need to work on making a change with that missing piece. I’ve always thought the output of work should be passive, however its aim can be to aggravate.

Throughout this process I’ve found the most power in images. Collecting people’s attention can be as simple as drawing a line on a white page, and to look for the bare minimum before doing the most.