UNIT 1A – Plan


My work always focuses on bringing communities together, platforming Black and Brown artists and highlighting the injustices in the care system. But I see so many people like me disproportionately abused ignored and overlooked because of the colour of their skin or the lived experiences they’ve had.


I’m angry and tired and want to cause havoc and anarchy through art. I want to make it easier for people like me. Most importantly I don’t want anyone to feel as lonely as I did. I decided that Trauma is Power and power makes Change and want to explore that.


MARCH – Research and connect with people doing the work. Find out how they do it. Why. How successful it is.

APRIL – Begin building a plan of action. Deeper research into relevant statistics and data and contacts

MAY – Begin planning the logo. Whittling down plans. Building resources. Getting feedback.

JUNE – Contact possible partners. Apply for funding. Begin planning for releasing work

JULY – Work with partners. Begin projects

AUGUST -Release work. Measure impact and engagements

September – Re-evaluate work and redraft. Get feedback

October – Begin again.

Artistic performances 

Resources for young people to use to help them get into art

Conversations that will better change the industry

A logo

A project/business plan or brief

Lizzie Reid – as an illustrator and graphic designer she would be an amazing resource for faciliation and design work

Parishma Patani – is an apprentice for LBHF and a law student. Useful for admin and administration

Christy Ku – a poet and freelancer known for her work in many industries, a good resource for marketing communication and research

Sade Banks – a producer and business woman – great for information and knowledge sharing and planning

Natalie Fiawoo – a producer and business woman -great for feedback, planning, budgeting and fundraising advice

Hollie Hartley – Engagement officer – peer power uk a social action charity. Great for research and co-producing information

Lynette Lynton – artistic director of the bush theatre – building resource and observation subject, also great for feedback

Daniel Bailey – associate director of the bush theatre – worked in youth art, great resource for information, observation and space

Tobi Kyremetang – mentor and producer – great for feedback, fundraising, campaigning and budgeting

Facilitating spaces where people in power have to listen and learn

Opening up spaces by highlighting the issues within them and coming up with sustainable solutions

Promoting the voices of people like me and asking them to use those voices to unapologetically question the status quo

Social media insights

Feedback – in the form of verbal communication and writing

Conversations – in the form of notes

Actionable responses – in the form of writing and recordings


Social media


Round Tables

Live Conversations

Generically asking for criticism from mentors and peers