Over the last few weeks I have discovered a lot about my leadership. I have discovered how my compassion is also my weakness for I apologise too much, but my tenacity makes up for it because I am always ideating and actioning solutions. This project has allowed me to explore the depth of my writing and how far I can go in broadening the imaginations of others, and it has also developed my ability to problem solve, research and deliver a project that I had barely any knowledge in at all. Thanks to the budget and project plan, I was able to properly piece by piece execute my work, the only setback being having to re-record twice and not leaving enough days for that to happen, but we live and we learn. The fact that I had a backup for application issues proves how much my planning has excelled, because if I had not considered it in the risk assessment it would have taken much longer for me to think of an alternative. The Artistic Inquisition has also allowed me to practise Directing, a path I am not yet sure I want to take, (on account of me feeling bad when things go wrong and apologising for it) but still a path I have been considering for a while.

Truth be told I feel like this project went extremely well, the feedback I received was positive and the only notes were technical. I think my managing of the project definitely needs work and I need to get more comfortable owning spaces and mistakes but the team that I had was always there to assure me I was making the right choices or challenge me on why the choice was necessary. The only thing I would change about this project is having more time to bring the script to life and better equipment so that it can be enjoyed wholly! As a leader I am so proud of what we made and I hope it sticks with someone and inspires them to look for the richness in their history and the stories their ancestors told. I hope that in the next two episodes I can build on the beautiful piece we created together.