https://soundcloud.com/basheba-baptiste-878776943/the-artistic-inquisition-podcast – Link to the finished work


You can find the basic marketing deck here

I asked my actors to share some of the work we had created together as part of a marketing strategy. #The five of us would be able to promote to different levels of community. Some LGBTQ+ and black, some from out of London, some from communities who have never experienced the arts like this. The aim is to get as many people interested as possible and build a buzz. I think once more and more people listen to this piece of work, from the feedback I have received, it will really pick up and encourage or inspire more people to seek art and question how art should be consumed. Jordann was smart and recorded a small clip that you can listen too

The feedback I received from participants and from artists made it clear that this piece of work was of interest to the people who it was aimed at. I had people from Black and Brown background tell me how relevant and inspiring it was and how it created thought processes for them they hadn’t considered yet. I got feedback from the artists that responded mainly to how the technical bits needed to be refined but how they also enjoyed how it sounded all put together. I think the mixed bag of feedback I got from participants and actors proves that this was a successful piece of work, but as with everything there is room for improvement. My aim is to get more feedback especially from some of the industry professionals I have encountered on my script and the overall production, that will help me to build a bigger and better second episode.